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From Julian Reschke <jresc...@adobe.com>
Subject session visibility
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 15:34:38 GMT
I was looking into


where we test that a separate session B can still read a node while the 
other session A has removed but not saved it.

In this case, B is instantiated *before* the test setup actually created 
the test node using session A. So session B doesn't see it not because 
it was removed but because it wasn't there in the first place when the 
session was created.

Sure enough, the test passes if we add a refresh() on B before the check.

I *believe* this is indeed a bug in the test case, but wanted to 
double-check what the current behavior is indeed by design, and that 
we're not planning to change it.

If this is true, we probably should open a JCR JIRA issue for tracking 
these kind of problems in the (former) TCK (that is, jackrabbit-jcr-tests).

Best regards, Julian

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