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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Converting XPath to SQL-2
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 09:44:49 GMT

Thanks, that simplifies things quite a lot! So I was wrong. What confused
me is that the "/jcr:root" prefix seems to have a different meaning if
there is a path or not. So according to my test:

-> include "/"

-> exclude "/"

-> exclude "/content"

-> exclude "/content"

But that should be quite simple to detect.


On 4/9/12 10:03 PM, "Marcel Reutegger" <mreutegg@adobe.com> wrote:

>>     /jcr:root/content//*[@test='hello']
>> This XPath query includes the node "content".
>that's incorrect. /jcr:root/content//* only selects descendants of
>but not content itself.
>there's a XPath test bed you can use here:
>try the expression: parent//*
> Marcel

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