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From Michael Dürig <mdue...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Exception handling in oak-core
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 11:42:39 GMT

On 26.4.12 17:22, Angela Schreiber wrote:
> hi all
> i would like to start the discussion again regarding
> exception handling in oak-core and the api.
> the current situation is as follows:
> - runtimeException every here and there
> - invalidArgumentException
> - unspecific commitFailedExceptions
> now that we have quite some JCR functionality present
> those exceptions are pretty cumbersome and result in a
> lot of test-case failure.
> my preference was to just throw the jcr-exceptions where
> ever this was appropriate and unambiguous. for example
> namespaceexception, versionexception, constraintviolation...

+1 if the thrower of the exception is pretty sure that no one upstream 
in the call chain would be forced to catch the exception without knowing 
what to do with it. Like in the case where you have to implement an 
interface where you are not allowed to throw an exception which might be 
thrown by some of the methods you are calling.

In the other case why not throw an exception which extends from 
RuntimeException and carries an checked exception? Something along the 
lines of:

public class OakException extends RuntimeException {
     private final RepositoryException repositoryException;

     public void throwRepositoryException() throws RepositoryException {
         throw repositoryException;

Since we are having these wrappers anyway we can unwrap these exceptions 
there and throw the original one.


> kind regards
> angela

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