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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Move classes from o.a.j.oak.kernel to o.a.j.oak.core
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 09:07:46 GMT
hi jukka

> On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 10:45 AM, Angela Schreiber<anchela@adobe.com>  wrote:
>> i keep wondering what was the reason for keeping implementations
>> of the oak-api in different packages. specifically i don't fully
>> understand what was the logic behind having some classes
>> in the oak.core package (KernelContentSession), while others
>> are in the oak.kernel package (KernelPropertyState).
> My original idea for the different packages was:
> * .oak.kernel - type-safe wrapper (NodeState, etc.) for the
> MicroKernel interface
> * .oak.core - implementation of the Oak API based on .oak.kernel
> Currently that distinction is a bit blurred, and I agree that it
> should be fixed. However, instead of moving everything to the same
> package, let's do something like this:
> * Keep the MicroKernel wrappers in .oak.kernel
> * Move the Oak API implementation classes to .oak.core
> * Perhaps rename the classes in .oak.core from KernelSomething to
> SomethingImpl to avoid confusion
>> so, i would like to suggest that we move the classes from the
>> kernel package to the core package.
>> if nobody objects i would go ahead and commit the move later
>> on today.
> Does the above alternative sound good to you?

i guess that's fine with me. let me try it out

kind regards

> BR,
> Jukka Zitting

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