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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Proposal for Value Handling (oak-jcr and oak-core)
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 16:24:57 GMT
hi all

> as a next step i will address the last major issue in this
> area: encoding non-json property types before writing to
> the MicroKernel (currently in KernelRoot#encode) and the
> other way round (currently in KernelNodeState#readValue).
> in a first step i will move both methods to a utility since
> IMO they belong together. my preference was to have the
> encoding in the property value.

done. the type hint added as prefix to the value.

> michael in addition suggested to handle it differently for
> multi-valued properties: add the type hint as first entry
> in the array. that would prevent having different types in
> the array and would nicely solve the issue of empty-array
> properties in JCR.

i didn't do this up to now as it would require changes to
Tree, PropertyState etc. not sure if the effort is really justified
given the fact that it's an rare edge case IMO and the property type
may even be guessed from the property definition... i will take a
look at this again, once we have the node type stuff implemented.

> once this is completed, we should basically be able to remove the
> @Ignore tags with special-type property-tests and enable

done... except for type of mv-properties and the reference/weakreference
properties that are both relying on node types being supported.
for the (weak)references we need uuid-lookup in addition.

> quite some tests from TCK that deal with value-conversion etc.

unfortunately not, as the TCK tests the node definition in
the setup (-> node types...).

so, i would be really good if you could add support for the
built-in node types soon.

kind regards

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