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From Michael Dürig <mdue...@apache.org>
Subject Re: oak-jcr: path handling
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 15:30:28 GMT
>> However, if oak-jcr has access to above table (either through an API or
>> through content) I think we are fine. In that case oak-jcr can:
>> - implement registry wide namespace mapping
>> - implement session local namespace mapping
>> - register new namespace mappings
>> - handle items with as yet unknown namespaces
>> - cope with expanded forms and qualified forms
>> ...
> It appears the path of least resistance for now would be to
> a) put all the mapping logic into oak-jcr, which includes
> b) just assuming a certain place in the content tree for the mappings.
> Once we have this working we can still decide what needs to be pushed down.
> Makes sense?

Yes. Only that I'm not sure whether oak-jcr is the right place. I think 
there is no reason to make the mk prefixes visible outside oak-core.


> Best regards, Julian

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