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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Re (OAK-36) Implement a query parser - what about indexing?
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 13:06:04 GMT

>>Would it make sense to implement this in Oak? Or do you prefer an
>> project?
>You mean the Solr integration? If so, I think in the first place it is
>important that we try to make it simple to integrate with an external

I just think it would be simpler for everybody if we could discuss on the
concrete source code, instead of communicating only by email about
abstract ideas. It's just more efficient in my view.

>Being able to listen to a commit journal to index nodes like
>Jukka describes would help enormously already

The current mechanism used for the property index is a MicroKernel wrapper
implementation. Other solutions are possible of course.

>I am not sure if it can be made generic enough to be
>part of oak (core). Perhaps an optional module?

I think such discussions are more efficient if we talk about the actual
"source code". As soon as we have the main pieces in place, I suggest we
write the documentation and an example about how to attach a custom
indexer module.

>For example as Jukka mentions there is faceted navigation which is not
>easy to expose over jcr nodes/rows. Another non faceted example would
>be for auto-suggestion / completion : For example give me all the
>terms for property 'bar' that start with 'fo'  : In this case, you'd
>just like to be able to return a list of terms.

How would security work for such cases? Because I currently assumed we can
reuse the security features that are available for reading normal nodes.
If security is not required in this case, it might make sense if the
fulltext search would return "pseudo-nodes" (nodes that are not stored in
the microkernel, and are not part of access rights checking). Each "term"
could be such a pseudo-node with a property "term". The problem I see with
custom Row implementations is that joins between your fulltext
implementation and regular nodes would not be possible.


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