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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Multiple JCR Repositories in a single MikroKernel instance (?)
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2012 09:41:17 GMT

it seems that tom got totally confused by my thread.
here some additional info:

what i meant was:

the mk-url was not only the identification of the storage
but would have (in case this is not yet the case) to identify
that part of the storage the contains the data of the
JCR repository that is being created.

when referring to the workspace name i was just omitting
some additional steps in my mind. what i meant was:

thus, identifying an item in the mk would in that case not only
consist of storage-address + wsp-Name + item-Path but
would rather have to be:

mk-url (being both storage and jcr-repo-identifier) + wsp-Name + item-Path

kind regards

On 3/22/12 3:40 PM, Angela Schreiber wrote:
> hi
> On 3/22/12 11:18 AM, Jukka Zitting wrote:
>>> I think this is not the case. If I'm not completely mistaken there will be
>>> always an 1:1 correspondence between an MicroKernel instance and a
>>> Repository instance.
>> That's my thinking as well.
> ok...
>> In a cloud deployment the underlying cloud-scale storage backend can
>> and probably will be used to host multiple repositories. Also in such
>> cases I see us having multiple MicroKernels running on top of such a
>> backend, one (cluster) for each logical repository.
> so, that would mean that it was just a matter of addressing. in
> other words: the URL use to create the MK instance must not only
> identify the store and the workspace but also the repository?
>> Thus there should be no need to distinguish between one repository and
>> another in the oak-core level.
> that was my assumption as well... i was just wondering about the
> mk implementation.
> kind regards
> angela

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