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From Stephan Matschinsky <matsc...@adobe.com>
Subject repository id for shared datastore - how to manage a cloned repo
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2018 10:40:11 GMT
Hello oak devs,

I’ve been referring to the documentation here:
but have not been able to find the answers to my questions about the repositoryid and how
it is used in the case of a shared datastore.

Each repository has its own ID which is set at creation and this is recorded in the datastore
(slightly different location if file datastore or S3 or Azure).  This allows for the garbage
collection on the shared datastore with the mark and sweep methods.

If I’m adding a new repository to the shared datastore, this is no problem because the new
repo will have a new repository id.  The potential problem I see is when cloning a repo (for
example when creating a new Publish instance to deal with added load on a website).  When
cloning an AEM publish instance, the repositoryid is also cloned.


  *   Is it OK for two publish instances to share the same repositoryid?
     *   I would think this is not a good idea because, even if each publish instance should
be identical, each repo could create specific binaries.
     *   With two AEM 6.4 (oak 1.8.3) publish instances using the same repositoryid I have
not run into any issues so far but have only done limited tests...
  *   How to ‘reset’ a repositoryid?
     *   Or, another option would be to clone the repo but get a new repository ID.  In other
words, how to clone a repository without copying the repositoryid, so that when it connects
to a shared datastore it is registered correctly with a unique repositoryid?

Thank you,

Stephan Matschinsky

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