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From "Lemes, Fernando" <fernando.le...@hp.com>
Subject MySQL without primary keys.
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2015 18:09:06 GMT

   Hello guys,

   I started to work with Jackrabbit a few months ago and in the project I'm working we are
using Jackrabbit 2.8.0 with MySQL as the persistent manager. We found some issues regarding
the database schema. There are no primary keys at the journal tables.. is there a reason for
that? It seems that in a MySQL clustered environment this is important for the nodes synchronization.

   Also we have realized that updating the journal GLOBAL_REVISION table (which is updated
all the time) had a performance issue. By examining the query execution plan we found a temporary
table being created. As a workaround we just added a dummy column with auto increment value
as the primary key, but shouldn't this table consists only of a column like that?

   We have also implemented a feature to remove Jackrabbit dead nodes from the LOCAL_REVISION
table, so the janitor can work properly even in a scenario where cluster nodes may be destroyed
anytime. How can I submit this patch?


Fernando Lemes da Silva
Software Designer - Brazil R&D

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