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From Tobias Bocanegra <tri...@apache.org>
Subject Committership under a Corporate CLA
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 00:09:21 GMT

I'm filling in the IP clearance template [1] for the FileVault
contribution by Adobe Systems as recorded in JCR-3612. One of the
required steps is reminding active committers about their
responsibilities regarding Corporate CLAs:

    Remind active committers that they are responsible for
    ensuring that a Corporate CLA is recorded if such is
    required to authorize their contributions under their
    individual CLA.

Essentially, if you're working on Jackrabbit code and committing your
changes back as a part of your job, you need to make sure that the
appropriate Corporate CLA has been recorded and that you are covered
by it. Let me know if you're not sure about your status regarding
this, so I can help figure out if some actions are needed.


[1] http://incubator.apache.org/ip-clearance/ip-clearance-template.htm

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