But Jackrabbit is no longer in the incubator phase :-)
i'll try to get more information before hitting 'svn ci'.

regards, toby

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 4:20 AM, Ate Douma <ate@douma.nu> wrote:
On 06/25/2013 12:46 PM, Felix Meschberger wrote:

Am 24.06.2013 um 23:40 schrieb Tobias Bocanegra:

I was wondering what the status for this is?

being buried in day-to-day work the last months, I just now completed
the preparation for the contribution. I need one or 2 more days to
find the best way for contributing (e.g. big patch vs. direct SVN

Since this is an existing code base: wouldn't we need proper IP-clearance [1] ?

For something as substantial as this, I would think yes.