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From Morrell Jacobs <mjac...@maned.com>
Subject process question
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 16:51:46 GMT
Hello Dev list,

I have a question about the open source process: I've been using open source for quite a while,
but this is my first time contributing.

I've found a bug in JackRabbit core and I have a fix (details below).  I believe the proper
thing for me to do is open a JIRA issue with all the information and the patch.  Is this the
correct thing to do?


Bug details:

Workspace.copy(String srcAbsPath, String destAbsPath): when copying properties whose type
is WeakReferenece, the duplicated property has a property type of Reference

BatchedItemOperations.copy(Path srcPath,
                       ItemStateManager srcStateMgr,
                       HierarchyManager srcHierMgr,
                       AccessManager srcAccessMgr,
                       Path destPath,
                       int flag)
               NodeId adjusted = refTracker.getMappedId(values[i].getNodeId());
                if (adjusted != null) {
                    newVals[i] = InternalValue.create(adjusted,prop.getType() == PropertyType.WEAKREFERENCE);
                    modified = true;
                } else {
                    // reference doesn't need adjusting, just copy old value
                    newVals[i] = values[i];

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