Our team was planning on implementing the WebDAV Capability in our intranet application. We are using smartGWT. We came across the WebDAV libraries in Jackrabbit and had a few questions before using it .Please could you answer the following queries:


1.      Since we are using smartGWT, will it be sufficient to only include the WebDAV jars and implement the required interfaces/methods?

2.      Will it allow editing document and saving etc from in the browser itself?

3.      Will it contain the Map drive capability where we can map our local drive to our application data store url and will it be like the normal windows explorer interface of browsing through the documents?

4.      Since smartGWT is singlethreaded, so I need to implement and of the WebDAV interfaces/methods using multithreading?

5.      Is there anything else apart from the WebDAV jars that we need to include in our code? Or we can simply start implementing the client side by using the jars.

6.      Is there any kind of license that we need  to take?              

7.      In case of any questions/issues or setup details/information/questions, what is the support mechanism and how soon can we expect any response/resolution to our questions?


Looking forward to hear from you soon.