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From Jukka Zitting <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Roadmap for Jackrabbit 2.x and 3.0
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:03:04 GMT

On oak-dev@ we were just discussing about the future of Oak and how
it'll relate to Jackrabbit in general. The emerging consensus seems to
be that we should keep Oak as a part of Jackrabbit and have Jackrabbit
3.0 be based on Oak.

Here's an early draft of how this could work out in terms of the
Jackrabbit roadmap:

* Jackrabbit 2.6: We target at releasing a stable Jackrabbit 2.6.0
version sometime around the end of this year. As usual, we'll have a
2.6 maintenance branch for upcoming 2.6.x patch releases.

* Jackrabbit 2.x: Just after branching 2.6, we'd create a separate 2.x
development branch for future work based on the current Jackrabbit
architecture. This branch would give us a chance to more than just bug
fixes on the 2.x codebase for at least a few more years until everyone
is comfortable upgrading to an Oak-based repository.

* JCR 2.1 RI: The 2.x branch could also be used for developing the
reference implementation for JSR 333 (JCR 2.1). Given current
schedules this could become something like Jackrabbit 2.8.

* Jackrabbit 3.0: Early next year, after the 2.6 and 2.x branches have
been created, we'd replace the current trunk with an Oak-based JCR
implementation. This "Blackrabbit" edition of Oak would come with a
set of plugin components designed to offer as much backwards
compatibility with existing Jackrabbit 2.x deployments as possible,
and would ship with code that can automatically migrate or upgrade an
existing Jackrabbit 2.x repository. The target date for Jackrabbit 3.0
would be sometime next year, with focus on stability and backwards

* Jackrabbit 3.x: After Jackrabbit 3.0 is out we can continue working
on things like performance and scalability, integrations with
different backends and clients, and new features for future Jackrabbit
3.x releases. And since Jackrabbit 3.0 will be based on a fresh new
underlying architecture from Oak, it's likely that we'll encounter a
number of smaller issues to be fixed or improved.


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Jukka Zitting

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