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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: JSR-283: character case mismatch between property type names and node type definitions
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 07:49:16 GMT

I have the same 'character case mismatch' problem in the Query Engine,
where the syntax is:


The same problem arises with the newly introduced syntax PROPERTY(..,
'REFERENCE'). What I did was write a case insensitive version of
PropertyType.valueFromName. If it's in oak-core, I guess we should share
the code. What package / class to you propose we should use?


On 9/7/12 12:35 AM, "Michael Dürig" <mduerig@apache.org> wrote:

>While working on property value constraints I stumbled on the following:
>   ...
>- jcr:requiredType (STRING) protected mandatory
>     < 'STRING', 'URI', 'BINARY', 'LONG', 'DOUBLE',
>       'DECIMAL', 'BOOLEAN', 'DATE', 'NAME', 'PATH',
>The type names are defined in javax.jcr.PropertyType. For example
>Now JSR-283 says about string constraints ( "For STRING and
>URI properties, the constraint string is a regular expression pattern
>according to the syntax of java.util.regex.Pattern."
>So jcr:requiredType can be for example "STRING" but not "String". The
>former however results in an IllegalArgumentException when passed to

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