I've now noticed that Jackrabbit is doing this "update ... BUNDLE_DATA = $1 ..." for each file change/add, where $1 is 6MB+ in size !
Surely that is not functioning as designed.
I could easily saturate a 100Mb ethernet with just this statement!

Can anyone give me some advice on this?

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 12:41 PM, Gary Webster <webster@lexmark.com> wrote:

I am currently experiencing a horrible issue, using Jackrabbit clustering with PostgreSQL as the Persistence Manager.

This particular table (ws_bundle) grows ~10GB/hr !  My entire DB, for multiple apps, including the rest of the repository DB, is <1GB.
This table is even bigger than the data store!

I enabled query/statement logging in Postgres.  The log went to 1GB in just a couple minutes!
It is dominated by this one statement, which occurs every ~2 sec:
"update WS_BUNDLE set BUNDLE_DATA = $1 where NODE_ID_HI = $2 and NODE_ID_LO = $3"
Parameter $1 is hex & appears to keep growing exponentially.  The last one I could catch was over 7million characters long !!
I can't believe that is correct functionality.

Surely, I have something wrong in my Jackrabbit-db configuration.

Thanks for your help.