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From Michael Dürig <mdue...@apache.org>
Subject Re: JSR-283 official TCK and the 'jackrabbit-jcr-tests'
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 16:19:15 GMT
Hi Randall,

I think forking of the jcr-test module into its own release cycle 
definitely makes sense. The easiest thing would be to just make it a 
sub-project of Jackrabbit and move it from trunk/jackrabbit-jcr-tests to 
jcr-tests/trunk. In addition we'd probably also need a separate issued 
tracker and migrate existing issues.

However, this comes with some additional effort and complexity. Apart 
from the initial move and fixing of existing dependencies we'd need a 
release manager who takes care of the new sub-project. Not sure whether 
Alex has enough cylces left to take this over.

Let's see what others think of this and then open an issue from the 


On 7.6.12 15:00, Randall Hauch wrote:
> First of all, I'd like to thank the whole Jackrabbit community for
> maintaining and adding to the "jackrabbit-jcr-tests" suite of unit
> tests. IIUC, these tests started out as the suite that is used by the
> JSR-283 TCK, but which now include quite a few fixes and enhancements.
> Having these tests is a huge plus for Jackrabbit but also for other JCR
> implementations (including ModeShape [1][2] and Jackrabbit's own Oak
> project [3]), since this large suite of independent tests helps any
> implementation to provide behavior consistent with the specification.
> The official JSR-283 TCK tests [4] was released in August 2009, and IIUC
> was based on one of the "jackrabbit-jcr-tests" module in one of the
> 2.0.x releases of Jackrabbit. Since then, the official TCK hasn't been
> updated or corrected, while the "jackrabbit-jcr-tests" have undergone
> quite a few corrections and changes. (I recently learned of this subtle
> distinction.)
> Specifically, since the 2.0 release of Jackrabbit, all of the following
> Jackrabbit issues changed some part of the unit tests in
> "jackrabbit-jcr-tests" [5]:
> JCR-3316: fix namespace name to be an absolute URI
> JCR-3313 Changed a ColumnTest test to only check for required columns
> JCR-3307: check supported option OPTION_ACTIVITIES_SUPPORTED
> JCR-3301: fix typos in test method names and associated config files
> JCR-3302: add missing refresh() call on test session
> JCR-3300: make RSessionAccessControlTest extend the proper base class so
> that the repo option check happens
> JCR-3207: add TCK test for Info map of NODE_MOVED event on node reordering
> JCR-3205 - Missing support for lock timeout and ownerHint in jcr-server
> JCR-3196: reduce deprecation warning noise in TCK testsReduce warning noise
> JCR-3195: fix assumptions about null-ness of lock token
> JCR-3177: Remove jdk 1.4 restriction for jcr-tests
> JCR-3051: AbstractLockTest.testLockExpiration fails intermittently
> JCR-2903: Session.importXml should close the input stream (as to JSR
> 283/JCR 2.0)
> JCR-2756: Shareable node test failures
> JCR-2719: Incorrect outer join TCK tests
> JCR-2693: Logging per test case
> JCR-2665: JCR Test for Adding Node Type Tests That Abstract Nodes Can Be
> Added as Children, contrary to JCR 2.0 specification
> JCR-2663: JCR unit tests use invalid queries
> JCR-2662: check for repository support of journaled observation,
> otherwise skip test
> JCR-2648: PropertyImpl.getNode() and NamePropertyTest use different
> exception than documented in the JCR API JavaDoc
> JCR-2536: spi2davex: InvalidItemStateException not properly extracted
> from ambiguous response error
> JCR-2565: spi2dav: Overwrite header T specified for MOVE and COPY causes
> JCR-2515: ISO8601 uses default DecimalFormat constructor using locale
> specific digits
> JCR-2490: jackrabbit wrongly think nodetype is changed on nodetype
> re-registration
> JCR-2104: JSR 283 Full Versioning - checkpoint must be aware of current
> activity for the checkout part
> JCR-515: Enhance test data
> IIUC most/all of them are still unfixed in the official TCK, and this
> can cause quite a bit of grief for other implementations. Plain and
> simple, the "jackrabbit-jcr-tests" module contains tests that are more
> accurately verifying the expectations of the JSR-283 specification than
> the official TCK. And this is why ModeShape adopted has for years used
> the "jackrabbit-jcr-tests" in its builds, but in doing so we've run into
> some challenges.
> Since the "jackrabbit-jcr-tests" module is part of the Jackrabbit
> codebase, it is released along with the rest of Jackrabbit. Of course,
> this makes perfect sense for the Jackrabbit community. But considering
> that the "jackrabbit-jcr-tests" are used by at least two other OSS
> projects as essentially a "more correct and maintained" proxy for the
> TCK tests, this inclusion in the Jackrabbit releases means the TCK tests
> are not as frequently released as we'd hope.
> Is there any interest in separating the "jackrabbit-jcr-tests"? I'm not
> sure if that means a completely separate (sub)project, or whether there
> are better alternatives (e.g., a simple project on GitHub?). Separating
> the tests would have a number of benefits:
>  1. The "TCK unit tests" could be released on their own schedule, with
>     version numbers that are semantically related to the changes made
>     within that release
>  2. The JIRA issues would better reflect the work that's been done
>     (e.g., release notes), the number of changes, and the outstanding
>     issues (see below)
>  3. Emphasis can be placed on encouraging reuse and participation by
>     other projects, and ensuring that the tests are as correct as possible
>  4. This can possibly form a basis for either updating the official TCK
>     (if that's even possible) or providing a form that excludes/disables
>     the incorrect tests and includes fixed tests (per the TCK appeals
>     process), making the process much easier for those submitting
>     results (with appeals) as well as those reviewing/approving results.
>  5. Perhaps allow for more tests to be added, though this may be
>     difficult if these unit tests do form the basis for an updated
>     official TCK. (ModeShape has a number of tests that we haven't yet
>     submitted, since we thought until recently that the official TCK was
>     periodically updated with the latest "jackrabbit-jcr-tests".)
> As mentioned, there are currently 10 others issues that are still open,
> in progress, or have a patch available [6]:
> JCR-3321Strange XPath query in OrderByMultiTypeTest.testMultipleOrder
> JCR-3302Remove incorrect assumptions with respect to visibility of
> changes done by other sessions
> JCR-3301Remove incorrect test assumptions
> JCR-3196reduce deprecation warning noise in TCK tests
> JCR-3096AbstractObservationTest does not cover JCR 2.0 functionality
> JCR-2756Shareable node test failures
> JCR-2661Two JCR unit tests expect delete events for nodes under deleted
> node, contrary to JCR 2.0 specification
> JCR-2348Exclude problematic node types from tests
> JCR-3322add TCK coverage of isNodeType(expandedName)
> JCR-2666JCR TCK Test for Restoring Version Tests That Versionable Child
> Is also Restored, contrary to JCR 2.0 specification
> (JSR-1991 is also still open and in the report, but has to do more with
> the OSGi bundling of the JAR.)
> I have no doubt that at a minimum the Jackrabbit, ModeShape, and Oak
> communities would very much like to get these resolved and would
> continue to work together to build upon, improve and maintain the JCR
> unit tests. But I believe that this will be even better if the JCR unit
> tests can be separated.
> Thanks for considering, and I look forward to discussing the possibilities.
> Best regards,
> Randall Hauch
> Project lead, ModeShape
> http://modeshape.org
> [1] http://modeshape.org
> [2] https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/MODE/Home
> [3] http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/Jackrabbit%203
> [4] http://www.day.com/day/en/products/jcr/jsr-283.html
> [5]
> https://github.com/apache/jackrabbit/commits/trunk/jackrabbit-jcr-tests/src
> [6]
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+JCR+AND+component+%3D+jackrabbit-jcr-tests+AND+status+in+%28Open%2C+%22In+Progress%22%2C+%22Patch+Available%22%29+ORDER+BY+status+ASC%2C+key+DESC
> <https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+JCR+AND+component+%3D+jackrabbit-jcr-tests+AND+status+in+%28Open%2C+%22In+Progress%22%2C+%22Patch+Available%22%29+ORDER+BY+status+ASC%2C+key+DESC>

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