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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: About the missing COUNT() feature in jackrabbit
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 07:06:43 GMT
hi chregu

as far as i am concerned i would feel comfortable with either
solution. however, i am not a query expert and thus i would
like to leave the decision regarding 1) to those working on
the query code base.
on the other hand, i don't see any problem in addressing 2).
just a minor detail that i happen to see: i wouldn't use the
DAV: uri for a custom extension.

the best way to proceed was imo if you would create an jira
issue and attach a patch.

kind regards

On 4/4/12 8:35 AM, Christian Stocker wrote:
> Hi
> Any opinions on this? I'm mainly wondering if there's a chance that
> something like this goes into jackrabbit or if there's opposition to
> that. Not the actual implementation, just the idea of it. I'll work more
> on it, if you think that could be something for jackrabbit-jcr-server
> and propose something more decent.
> If not, I'll pursue other challenges ;)
> Greetings
> chregu
> On 31.03.12 08:18, Christian Stocker wrote:
>> Hi
>> As we all know, there's no COUNT feature in SQL2. This is not that bad,
>> if you're not trying to get a count via remoting, since you can get it
>> with .getSize() locally.  But if you're working via the webdav layer,
>> it's not really efficient right now, especially if your resultsets are
>> larger.
>> There are in my opinion 2 opinions to solve this.
>> 1) add a count() feature to the SQL2 parser, there's already a ticket
>> for that (among other things)
>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR-2605
>> That of course would be a great solutions, it solves the problem for all
>> cases who need that
>> 2) add an option to the SEARCH webdav interface to get the count if
>> results instead of the whole result set.
>> For 2) I made a little prototype (which is really just that ;)) to see
>> if that would be feasible. That patch can be found here
>> https://github.com/chregu/jackrabbit/compare/count-in-webdav
>> It adds a D:count option to a SEARCH query like this
>> <D:searchrequest xmlns:D="DAV:">
>> 	<JCR-SQL2>
>> 		<![CDATA[SELECT * FROM [nt:unstructured] ]]>
>> 	</JCR-SQL2>
>> 	<D:count>1</D:count>	
>> </D:searchrequest>
>> and if that is set it returns only the count of results. Currently like
>> below, but that format has certainly to be changed (it was just the
>> shortest way to get something back):
>> <D:multistatus xmlns:D="DAV:">
>> 	<D:response>
>> 		<D:href>#count</D:href>
>> 		<D:responsedescription>433</D:responsedescription>
>> 	</D:response>
>> <D:responsedescription>nt:unstructured.jcr:primaryType</D:responsedescription>
>> </D:multistatus>
>> My questions:
>> - Is there any chance that something like this goes into jackrabbit and
>> we can build on that feature?
>> - Or is there a better way to just get the count of a query?
>> - How should the response look like for something like this? The above
>> is certainly not right ;)
>> - And last but not least, are there any plans to implement COUNT() some
>> time in the future directly in SQL2?
>> Thanks for any feedback.
>> chregu

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