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From Christian Stocker <christian.stoc...@liip.ch>
Subject Re: [jr3 http api as a first class citizen]
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 15:38:48 GMT

On 24.02.12 08:18, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
>> It would be great if that would change for JR3 where every method (which
>> makes sense) is also exposed to an HTTP interface from the beginning. I
>> guess this would also make JR3 and the whole JCR idea much more
>> appealing to people outside of the Java world.
> Yes, this is one of the goals for Jackrabbit 3. Remoting over HTTP is very
> important. The current plan is to support two kinds of remoting.

Great. Thanks for the update and that is actually all I wanted to make
sure. But you already had that in your plans, which makes me very happy.

Also saw https://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/Jsop now, looks interesting


> * The first and most important is the remoting on the high-level
> Jackrabbit API (high level functionality, but the transient space is on
> the client). This includes functionality like versioning. This will be
> standardized. 
> * The second kind of remoting might not be exposed at all, it is the
> MicroKernel remoting. It's used on a lower level, to remote low level
> MicroKernel API calls. The idea is to use it for virtual repositories and
> clustering. There is an implementation available already in the sandbox.
> Possibly (this is highly controversial) the high-level remoting will be
> just a superset of the low-level remoting, for example by defining
> additional semantics to the path and the data.
>> I'd gladly help, whenever I can, my java skills are just not really up
>> to what's needed here.
> We need to document the protocol, the semantics of the transferred data,
> and examples. No Java skills required :-)
> Regards,
> Thomas

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