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From Julian Reschke <julian.resc...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: [jr3 microkernel] Change log consolidation
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 22:39:16 GMT
On 2012-02-03 19:44, Michael Dürig wrote:
> ...

Sounds very interesting.

I have a comment that may not even apply to this work, but still: 
recently a JCR issue was opened because Jackrabbit doesn't fire 
compliant NODE_MOVE events for reorder operations. Turns out that 
Jackrabbit doesn't keep sufficient information, and then tries to guess, 
and sometimes guesses wrong.

We should make a conscious decision whether it's important to have this 
information in observation events. Based on that we may want to tune the 
JCR 2.1 spec.

Best regards, Julian

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