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From Berry van Halderen <b.vanhalde...@1hippo.com>
Subject Re: Reloading node types in clustered environment
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 09:35:57 GMT
On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 4:40 PM, Berry van Halderen
<b.vanhalderen@1hippo.com> wrote:
> We've run into log messages that have come us to suspect one of our
> practices, namely to reregister node types.  The reregistering occurs
> in a clustered environment, where other clustered nodes keep on using
> the node types, but on rare occasion certain exceptions are thrown,
> most particular an exception from getEffetiveNodeType when retrieving
> a node from the persistent store.  I've still to evaluate if it is
> indeed the case, but we're wondering if it is at all safe to do
> changing node type operations in a clustered environment.
> Note, before 2.2.x we did not see these kind of errors, currently on
> 2.2.9 we are.

I was able myself to track it down.  It turns out that before
re-registering there
was also a call to unregister a node type. That caused a small gap
between the unregister and the re-register where other cluster nodes could
have received the unregister but not the new type.

I've fixed this in our own code, but still I'm a bit worried about this change
of behavior It used to be impossible to unregister a node type when it
was still in use (or at least never to unregister a node type).  Not being
able to unregister a node type when still in use seems to be the most
correct semantics.

But what actually happened in Jackrabbit was actually quite scary.
By being able to unregister a node type in use, other nodes load and
modify a node with a mixin type that is being unregistered.  The
mixin type is silently dropped from the node, but any properties tied
to the mixin node type are kept.  There is a window where such a
node can be persisted back into database.

What is then left in the persisted storage is a node with properties
that cannot be part of that node according to its node type.  And
this node cannot be loaded, cannot be deleted, cannot be fixed.
The only option is to go into sql level to delete the node or fix the
binary bundle data stored in the record.

Maybe it's a good idea that we're not able to remove node types that
are still in use, wdyt?


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