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From Berry van Halderen <b.vanhalde...@1hippo.com>
Subject Reloading node types in clustered environment
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 15:40:42 GMT
Hi all,

We've run into log messages that have come us to suspect one of our
practices, namely to reregister node types.  The reregistering occurs
in a clustered environment, where other clustered nodes keep on using
the node types, but on rare occasion certain exceptions are thrown,
most particular an exception from getEffetiveNodeType when retrieving
a node from the persistent store.  I've still to evaluate if it is
indeed the case, but we're wondering if it is at all safe to do
changing node type operations in a clustered environment.
Note, before 2.2.x we did not see these kind of errors, currently on
2.2.9 we are.


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