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From "Javier Godoy" <rjgo...@fich.unl.edu.ar>
Subject AbstractLocatorFactory path prefix
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 00:15:28 GMT

I'm using the Jackrabbit webdav servlet, and I'm confused about the pathPrefix 
parameter in the constructor for AbstractLocatorFactory.

Suppose that the context path is http://example.org/foo and the webdav servlet 
is mapped to /dav/*. My understanding is that the path prefix should be 
"/dav", so that the resource handle for http://example.org/foo/dav/bar is 
"/bar" (because I want the servlet path to be removed from the resource 

If I use this configuration, 
WebdavRequestImpl.getHrefLocator("http://example.com/foo/bar") will return a 
locator for http://example.com/foo/dav/bar, because it only checks that the 
resource path starts with "foo/", and passes prefix="http://example.com/foo" 
href="/bar" to the locator factory.

Among other consequences, a COPY with destination http://example.com/foo/bar 
will succeed, as if it were a copy to http://example.com/foo/dav/bar

Is this behavior actually intended?

Best Regards


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