hi guys,

I've been looking at adding a new test to the performance suite, for the PersistenceManager.
This will help with evaluating the impact of the statistics code I'm working on.

The test should be simple enough: add 1000 nodes, each containing a property with 10KB of data.

The problem is now that the PM implementations have changed, so providing a test that will work with all of JR's versions is impossible. I've managed to build one for the base version (1.6.2) using the InMemPersistenceManager which fails for JR 1.0, thus failing the entire test suite.

What is the best way to exclude a test from a version down? (or include it from a version up, for that matter :)

It will probably have to take into account that with the code's evolution also came some improvements, which the test cannot leverage if the JR version is fixed at 1.6, so it would be interesting to have different versions of the test for different JR versions.