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From RIBIC Bojan <Bojan.Ri...@qualysoft.com>
Subject Steal lock
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 06:56:21 GMT

I am using Jackrabbit version 2.2.7 and I am trying to implement lock stealing. Here is an
example of how it should work. User A locks a node N and user B is allowed to steal anybody's
lock on node N. If the user B steals the lock on node N from user A it will mean that Jackrabbit
will either unlock node N and lock it again by user B or it will replace the existing lock
properties (lock holder, lock owner, lock token, ...) by the lock properties of user B. The
result will be node N is locked by user B and user A cannot unlock it or lock it until user
B unlocks it or lock timeout expires. Is it possible to do it somehow using the existing Jackrabbit
lock functionality? A code snippet would be really useful. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards
Bojan Ribič

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