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This is my first post to Jackrabbit dev. For start, I must say thank you to Jackrabbit dev team for great job that thy do it.

I’m working with Jackrabbit for past three months and since now it was nice ride.

I’m using ‘DefaultAccessManager’ and resource-based ACL-s in my project.

My users are divided to couple of the groups and that groups are used in my ACL together with my users. For example group ‘DEV’ contains ‘tom’ user.

The ACL for ‘/dev_folder’ node is set to:

DEV – jcr:write

tom – jcr:read


The code I’m using for retriving privileges:


Session session=...created with ‘tom’ credentials;

AccessControlManager accessControlManager = session.getAccessControlManager();

Privilege[] privileges = accessControlManager.getPrivileges(dev_folder_path);


Privileges returned from getPrivileges method are „jcr:read“.

My expectations were “jcr:write” since DEV group has “jcr:write” privilege on that node, am I missing something?


All so if ‘tom’ user is in two groups, DEV and USR and ACL on same node is:

DEV – jcr:write

USR – jcr:read


The same code above(session created with ‘tom’ credentials) return “jcr:read” privilege, again I expected “jcr:write” since user ‘tom’ is member of DEV group.


Can somebody put me on the right path, please?


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