Hi everybody,

I can create a URI typed property for a node and set its value by a code snippet as follows:

Node n;
//somehow initialize the node
String uriprop = "uriprop";
String val = "http://www.example.org";
n.setProperty(uriprop, val, PropertyType.URI);

After this code, when I try to get the value I set with the code below, "javax.jcr.ValueFormatException: Unknown value type 11" exception is thrown.

Property p = n.getProperty(uriprop);

Is this a bug, or is there any way to get values of URI typed properties?

BTW, I also tried set the value through session.getValueFactory().createValue(val, PropertyType.URI), but this code also throws the same exception. I also tried to obtain string value with p.getString(), but again the same exception.

As far as I see, this property is not handled in org.apache.jackrabbit.rmi.value.SerialValueFactory class though I am not sure it is the exact responsible class from the property value retrieval.