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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [j3] Repository MicroKernel API draft
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 14:54:41 GMT

>Sure. I'm just questioning whether the benefits of a custom
>implementation really are worth the time spent reinventing the wheel
>and fixing all the inevitable bugs.

Yes. In fact, I believe it is actually much better to re-write the few
JSON specific methods we need than trying to cobble together existing
libraries with new code (trying to combine an existing JSON parser /
builder with some self-written JSOP parser / generator), because that will
inevitably lead to problems. It actually already does (see "TODO ugly
hack", plus it's currently not possible to store the JSON as is without

>My bigger concern here is that the JSON handling seems to be happening
>at a way too low level.

Yes, I'm working on this problem now. Please note it will still be
necessary to parse the keys and some of the values. It is a low level to
do that, and possibly we will end up replacing JSON with a binary format
(such a BSON) if we find out it's really worth it (for performance or
other reasons). But one advantage of using JSON (if nothing else) is that
it's actually very easy to debug the code, which is very valuable at this

>both MicroKernelImpl
>classes in o.a.j.mk and o.a.j.mk.mem duplicating pretty much the same
>parsing and serialization logic. Can we refactor that code into a
>single class/location?

Sure, the plan is to merge that. I didn't want to overwrite Stefans code
(at least not before I really understand it), that's why I didn't even try
to merge things currently.


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