Dear all,

I would like to announce Fileship, a standalone Filemanager that uses jackrabbit-webdav for its file handling. Making extensive use of jackrabbit technology (on the client as well as on the server side), we think that our project could be of some interest for you. Fileship (the client) is an Eclipse  RCP app, which communicates to the server through webdav (using jackrabbit jars) and custom webservices. One the server side we have a justomized Jackrabbit webdav server running on glassfish, as well as the custom webservices.

 Here is a short list of its technological key features for Fileship:

- Standalone Eclipse RCP application
- Currently available for Windows and Linux (Mac version to come soon)
- Makes extensive use of jackrabbit jars for webdav file-handling
- It's open-source , so all we learned on the way can be looked up also

You are all welcome to start with Fileship here:

To test the application, please create a free trial account, then you have 1GB of space to play with. It should all be pretty self-explanatory and easy to set up, but if there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hope you find our application as useful as we found jackrabbit,
wish you all a nice weekend,