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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [jr3] Rethinking our Jackrabbit 3.0 roadmap
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 08:56:25 GMT

There are multiple ways to reach our goals:

a) refactor in very small steps
b) replace piece by piece
c) replace all code we have in one huge step

As far as I understand, you are afraid that c) would take too long? A bit
simplified, for a) you always have a stable version, but it takes a very
long time until you are fully done. Plus, you tend to have a large number
of 'temporary hacks', and all developers need to fully understand the
current code. With c) you have the longest delay until you get new
features, but the smallest amount of total work. Plus there is a bigger
risk management cancels the project before it's done (but I guess the risk
is lower for open source).

I would probably try to do b). The problem is: what are the pieces? Maybe
"Core", "RMI", "DavEx". Maybe "Search" is part of "Core", maybe not (not
sure). Maybe "Versioning" and "Security" could easily be re-used from the
current core.

If we anyway want to replace "Core" later on (what you call Jackrabbit
NG?), some of your refactorings on the current trunk would be "lost" later
on. Basically we would do the work twice: first refactor the current core,
and later on replace the current core. In my view, some changes are not
worth doing twice (more flexible repository configuration, storing search
indexes inside the repository), but maybe I'm wrong.


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