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From Clemens Wyss <clemens...@mysign.ch>
Subject jcr-sql2 queries "with or without" where-clause :-(
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 16:56:16 GMT
I know that jcr-sql2 is "in progress". 
Still I would like to know if my oberservations are at all possible:

I have approx. 76'000 [task]-nodes in my repo.

>select * from [task]
takes approx. 870ms, :-)

>select * from [task] order by [jcr:score]
takes btw. 2s and 5s (still somehow "acceptable")

>select * from [task] where employeeinchargeid = 3
Seems to be neverending... I stopped my test after 10minutes! 
employeeinchargeid is a simple int-property. 
The xpath-pendant only takes 311ms, but xpath is deprecated.

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