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From Douglas Jose <douglasj...@gmail.com>
Subject Digest authentication support patch
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2010 16:46:41 GMT

I have extended Jackrabbit to allow HTTP digest authentication through WebDAV, as Windows
7 can't connect to a WebDAV repository using basic authentication. I would like to contribute
to the project with this feature. 
The implementation is based on Tomcat's source code (I have used it as a reference to implement
the same authentication handling in Jackrabbit). I hope that's not a problem. 

In order to enable the digest authentication, you need to:

- Change the WebDAV servlet from 'org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee.SimpleWebdavServlet' to 'org.apache.jackrabbit.j2ee.DigestWebdavServlet'
in the web.xml file;
- Change the LoginModule to 'org.apache.jackrabbit.core.security.simple.DigestLoginModule'
in the repository.xml file
- Add the parameter 'passwordsFile' to the DigestLoginModule with the path of the passwords
- Add to the passwords file created above the user id and the password digest. The utility
DigestPasswordUtil in the jackrabbit-jcr-commons project can be used to generate the entry
to be appended to the passwords file.

java -cp target/jackrabbit-jcr-commons-2.2-SNAPSHOT.jar org.apache.jackrabbit.util.DigestPasswordUtil
user realm password

The DigestLoginModule configuration is optional, I believe the DigestWebdavServlet should
work normally with the SimpleLoginModule which accepts any credentials.



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