I want to add new properties to nodes.
For example : "nt:folder" type had properties like "jcr:created", "jcr:createdby" etc. I want to add some additional new properties to nt:folder.
for example:

Node n = session.getRootNode().addNode("test","nt:folder");

n.setProperty("Atitle", "Chasing Jackrabbit article");


This is giving exception

javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException: no matching property definition found for {}Atitle


It is allowing to add any property to "nt:unstructured" nodes
For example:

Node n = session.getRootNode().addNode("test");

n.setProperty("title", "Chasing Jackrabbit article");


will work fine.


How to add new properties to "nt:folder" nodetype.


Thank you