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From Xiaojie Shen <Xiaojie.S...@cybercomgroup.com>
Subject RE: jackrabbit problem to set locktoken and unlock
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2010 08:43:21 GMT

I found out the reason. Lock token and timeout are correctly added only if files are versioned
(file version at least 1.0). They don't work correctly to files as jcr:rootVersion. Is this
a known issue or any specific reason for it?

Besides, I still can't understand why locking/unlocking works when there's none jcr:lockOwner
or jcr:lockIsDeep properties.


From: Xiaojie Shen [mailto:Xiaojie.Shen@cybercomgroup.com]
Sent: den 29 juli 2010 21:43
To: dev@jackrabbit.apache.org
Subject: RE: jackrabbit problem to set locktoken and unlock

By the way, another file created some time ago is working with locking and unlocking via DAV
Explorer. When this file is locked, it has lock token value and correct DAV Explorer timeout
but none jcr:lockOwner or jcr:lockIsDeep in server. The log for unlocking this file shows
"*WARN * LockManagerImpl: Bad lock token: Bad check digit. (LockManagerImpl.java, line 811)",
however locking/unlocking works actually works on this file.

It seems different files on same jackrabbit server work differently. The file which has perfect
log is not correctly locked but the file which has warning in log is correctly locked. I'm
really lost... Does it have something to do with configuration or..?

From: Xiaojie Shen [mailto:Xiaojie.Shen@cybercomgroup.com]
Sent: den 29 juli 2010 21:29
To: dev@jackrabbit.apache.org
Subject: jackrabbit problem to set locktoken and unlock

Hi all
I use DAV Explorer to do exclusive lock on a file in jackrabbit repository, the file is locked
but lock token is empty and timeout is "Second-2147483" (according to DAV Explorer document,
the lock it requests is 86,400 seconds or 1 day). In addition, I see jcr:lockOwner and jcr:lockIsDeep
in jackrabbit server.
Then I do unlock via DAV Explorer to the same file. Though the DAV Explorer lock icon is gone,
the lock properties are still the same and actually the file is still locked.
Any idea why jackrabbit sets empty lock token and the extreme long timeout and why it can't

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