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From "Michael Coldewey" <p...@coldy.de>
Subject One Question about SQL2
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 19:45:55 GMT


sorry, I know, ist the wrong mailinglist, but i am actually not member of
the users list.


Perhaps someone would and could answer me.


Till now I use XPATH for querying the repository, but now I want to change
to SQL2. The samples in the test case explains the basics, but I didnt
found, how to make a query to find nodes, which have childs with specific







I want every node [my:a] which have any child with the property ,Prop1' and
value ,test'.


In xpath, this is really simple to solve, but i dont know to make it in


It would be great, if someone give me a hint on this.


Thanks a lot 


Michael Coldewey



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