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From Subash Chaturanga <subash...@gmail.com>
Subject How to use Node and Property DefinitionTemplates to create a NodeTypeTemplate
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 04:47:07 GMT
Hi All ,

In JCR 2 ; javax.jcr.nodetype package

When NodeTypeManager wants to register a NodeType ,it needs a
NodeTypeTemplate to be passed to registerNodeType method.

In NodeTypeManager.createNodeTypeTemplate(NodeTypeDefinition
nodeTypeDefinition)  we can set the template according to the given

But NodeTypeManager.createNodeTypeTemplate() returns an empty template.
Also NodeTypeManagercan createNodeDefinitionTemplate
,createPropertyDefinitionTemplate .

In the JSR 283 spec , it says when creating  NodeDefinitionTemplate and
PropertyDefinitionTemplate they can be attached to the NodeTypeTemplate.
How we should attach those to NodeTypeTemplate? I mean is it the user's
responsible to set the NodeTypeTemplate after acquiring Node and Property
DefinitionTemplates ?

It will be great if  anyone can  make me clear about this ?

Thank you

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