I would normally file a bug on jira, but its very difficult to setup/reproduce, so I'm looking for insight first on how temp files/blobs are implemented in jackrabbit.

We currently run 2 different "standalone" instances of jackrabbit version 2.0.0, each in their own JVM and setup the same way in using <cluster>. 

Our application connects to one of the standalone instances remotely(webdavex) for authoring content, and sends publish instructions (via JMS/activemq) to the other.

The problem though, is that BLOBInTempFile.getStream is occasionaly throwing : "file backing binary value not found", and one of the instances sometimes can't read the file.

I've searched and found this information:

So apparently, when files are read/written, you create a temporary cache, but TransientFileFactory runs as a singleton within a single JVM correct?

So can I assume that one of the "singletons", (there will be 2??) will delete files that were created by the other at some DIFFERENT random time when the garbage collector runs?

I've also attached your Repository.xml that we use for both (with different cluster ids of course)


Is there some way to avoid this??

I've attached our repository.xml for you to look at, both are setup the same way for e