Hello all together,


i have a problem with the size of my repository.


First I registered 22 Node-Types. There is one Node-Type, which is the “Main-Node-Type” and 21 other Node-Types, which have the “Main-Node-Type” as a supertype.


The CND of the main node-type looks like:


[nt:GSBL] orderable

- * (STRING)

- * (STRING) multiple

+ * = nt:GSBL multiple VERSION


The CND of the others like this:


[nt:GV4A] > nt:GSBL



Then I imported 5 XML-files with a capacity of 4,26 MB. Each file is 873 KB.

All Nodetypes are used. In the xml-file there is a attribute like this “<GSBLRN jcr:primaryType="nt:GSBL">”.


When I check the size of the repository, the repository has a size of 114 MB.


I wondered, when I saw the hugh size. How can it be? 4,25MB become 114 MB in Jackrabbit. That’s not niceL


In the Future I have to import xml-files with a capacity of 2,5 GB. I have to define different node-types to get a fast XPATH-result for example.


I hope, I will get help.


Thank you a lot!