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From Thomas Müller <thomas.muel...@day.com>
Subject Re: [jr3] Flat hierarchy
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 13:35:56 GMT

A Jackrabbit repository is "some kind of" b-tree - just that the pages
never split and balanced automatically. Maybe using b-tree is
confusing? Let's call it "manual b-tree" then.

> i agree that flat hierarchies is an important feature, however we
> shouldn't compromise
> the performance for the 'standard' case with less than 1k child nodes

I agree. Using the b-tree style wouldn't slow down the standard case.
In the standard case things would stay exactly like they are now.

> add a "next" pointer
> This makes the data structure more complex but allows us to maintain support for orderable

That's definitely an option. I just wonder if it's really required. I
guess we will find out.


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