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From Justin Edelson <justinedel...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jr3] Use JCache JSR-107 for (all) caches
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 03:26:23 GMT
On 2/17/10 5:29 PM, Bart van der Schans wrote:
> Hi,
> Right now there are several "homegrown" caches in Jackrabbit. Some
> configurable, some based on soft/weak references. Using JCache it
> would make it possible to leverage existing caching implementations.
> This could help in making the caches better configurable and tunable
> and have features like overflow to disk, which could help with large
> transactions, persist caches to disk during restart for cache warming
> and clustered caches. For example it could be interesting to share
> bundle/item state caches between cluster nodes.
> Regards,
> Bart
One thing to add to this list - monitorability of caches. AFAIK, there's
no instrumentation available for Jackrabbit caches.

In fact, JMX instrumentation in general may warrant its own thread.


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