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From Adrien Lamoureux <lamoureux.adr...@gmail.com>
Subject Upgrade from 1.5.5 to 2.0.0 was unsuccessful in clustered environment: Cause: java.sql.SQLException: Lock wait timeout exceeded; Any ideas?
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 22:36:02 GMT
Hi there,

First, I would like to say thank you for a great product. We have been using
it since mid 2009 in a production environment (for authoring), and
publishing content from the repository to static files for reading.

But today, deploying to the latest version of Jacrkabbit: 2.0.0 from 1.5.5
caused our entire server cluster to fail. It appears that the update has
caused database locking issues. We are using deployment model 1 where a
local repository is run in each instance of tomcat (we have 3 of them) with
clustering/journal enabled.

We are using java 1.5.0_16 with Tomcat 5.5.23 and Mysql 5.1.39 in linux
based environments.

This error never showed up during testing on our test server or on our local
development systems, and the only difference is that we have more then one
repository in the cluster on production. I would show a stack trace, but
strangely, the lock timeouts are occurring only with non-jcr tables during
routine actions in other areas of our site, even though they have nothing to
do with Jackrabbit.

Here is a fragment of the persistence manager we are using for workspaces
and versioning:

          <param name="url"
          <param name="driver" value="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"/>
  <param name="user" value="[DBUSERNAME]"/>
  <param name="password" value="[DBPASSWORD]"/>
                  <param name="schemaObjectPrefix" value="${wsp.name}_"/>
  <param name="externalBLOBs" value="false"/>

and here is the cluster element we are using:
<Cluster id="${hostname}-${rep.home}" syncDelay="2000"> <Journal
class="org.apache.jackrabbit.core.journal.DatabaseJournal"> <param
name="driver" value="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" /> <param name="url"
/> <param name="user" value="[DBUSERNAME]"/> <param name="password"
value="[DBPASSWORD]"/> <param name="schemaObjectPrefix" value="cluster_"/>
</Journal> </Cluster>

We have one other repository instance in the cluster running in standalone
mode with syncDelay="500" for publishing changes in the repository.

We are still trying to diagnose the problem, but all we know so far is that
disabling jackrabbit solved the problem. We will revert to 1.5.5 this
evening, but we were looking forward to using connection pooling, so any
ideas as to what might be causing this?



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