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From S├ębastien Launay <sebastienlau...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Jackrabbit 2.0 beta4
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 13:06:21 GMT

[X] +1 Release this package as Apache Jackrabbit 2.0-beta4

- checksums [OK]
- signature [OK]
- license, notice, header and readme files [OK]
- maven build [OK with two failed tests] with Ubuntu Jaunty / Sun Java

Two test cases prevent the build from being successful but
i think these tests are not critical for releasing a beta version:
- org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.IndexingQueueTest#testQueue
- org.apache.jackrabbit.client.RepositoryFactoryImplTest#testGetSpi2davexRepository

The first one has already been discussed with Jackrabbit Core #947 build [1].
The second has been marked as fixed in JCR-2326 [2] but the test case is
still active and it already happened with the 2.0-beta3 release.

I am also thinking about adding a note in the RELEASE-NOTES.txt
about the libraries upgraded with JCR-2389 [3] for people who are
not using Maven.

I do not test the maven artifacts just the source package and the war.

[1] http://hudson.zones.apache.org/hudson/job/Jackrabbit-trunk/org.apache.jackrabbit$jackrabbit-core/947/testReport/
[2] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR-2326
[3] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR-2389

S├ębastien Launay

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