FirstHop uses what's called a Transient Repository. This is a 10 cent word that really means 'embedded'. So if you want to use jackrabbit such that the actually cms is inside your program (jvm), then you use that. and so your program and the 'cms' share the same xml files because they are one. You can use other types of repositories that this is not the case.

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That worked. Thanks!

I am a little confused. I expected that the java app I'm writing
would be a client app that communicates with the same repository
created by the server.

So when I try the sample /populate app, then the respository and
respository.xml get created in ./jackrabbit

However, when I use my "FirstHops" app, the repository get's created
in ./FirstHops/repository

So.. I obviously need to get some more education on how Jackrabbit,
and JCR, is supposed to work. Any pointers to good documentation
would be much appreciated

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 3:32 PM, Dave Brosius <> wrote:
> try deleting your repository directory and doing it again. My guess is that
> you created that file when your class path wasn't right.

Greg Akins