>> Good afternoon!
>> We are interested in the grammar and restrictions of LocalNames. As for "3.2.2 Local Names" (JSR 283) chars like '{' or '}' are valid chars to use in LocalName. Would "{my}NodeName" be a valid LocalName in your Jackrabbit 2.0? If it does then how would it be parsed as expanded name
>>( Expanded form)?
>The expanded form would be
> "{}{my}NodeName"
>> Expanded form is defined as: ExpandedName ::= '{' Namespace '}' LocalName.
>> I mean would it be parsed as:
>> namespace = ''
>> localname = '{my}NodeName'
>> or:
>> namespace = 'my'
>> localname = 'NodeName'
>> ...
>As "my" is not a syntactically legal namespace name, the parser would consider it part of a local name.
>As far as I recall :-)
>BR, Julian

o'k! Let's jackrabit got path like


"my:favorite" is a valid uri and also
"{my:favorite}jackrabbit" is a valid localName ("3.2.2 Local Names"(JSR 283) chars like '{' or '}' are valid chars to use in LocalName).

So this path segment may be parsed as:

1. qualifiedName, where prefix="" (empty prefix notation that should be written without ":") and localName="{my:favourite}jackrabbit"
2. expandedName, where uri="my:favourite" and localname="jackrabbit"

How would it be parsed? Can I really use "{my:favorite}jackrabbit" as node name with empty prefix?