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From Thomas Müller <thomas.muel...@day.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit management API
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 15:00:09 GMT

Jukka, it seems that you don't understand what I mean.

> Simply by instantiating the appropriate implementation class, for
> example like this:
>    RepositoryManager manager = new RepositoryManagerImpl(config);

That's not acceptable, as it's not JCR 2.0 API compliant. Again, the
JCR API 2.0 compliant way to create a repository is:

RepositoryFactory factory = (RepositoryFactory)
Repository rep = factory.getRepository(parameters);

>From here, it's possible to get the RepositoryManager
(RepositoryManager, an interface, _not_ RepositoryManagerImpl, a
specific class) using: [A], [B] or [C] as I wrote above. If this is a
problem, why?

> The server is in any case implementation-specific,

No, it is not. I don't understand why the standard JCR 2.0 way can't
be used. Please tell me. Why can't the 'server' / 'listener' be
started when you get the repository (see above).

> so using a concrete class is no problem.

Again, it _is_ a problem. I repeat what I wrote at the beginning: We
should use interfaces and no 'hard coded' classes. There are two

1) with interfaces, we can add 'wrappers' or 'proxies' around an
implementation such as a logging layer, a virtual repository that can
combine multiple repositories into one, or a remoting layer.

2) with interfaces, applications can be written in an
implementation-independent way, so that the exact same code (without
having to recompile) can run against many implementations. One example
is a generic JCR browser tool.

> Using a decorator like a logging wrapper is trivial:

Don't use "trivial" or "simply", please.

>    RepositoryManager manager =
>        new LoggingRepositoryManager(new RepositoryManagerImpl(config));

This is Jackrabbit-specific. That means the logging wrapper, as well
as the application, would need to know about a specific CLASS of
Jackrabbit. Not an Interface, a CLASS. I think that's not acceptable.


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