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From Jukka Zitting <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject TCK issues now in JCRTCK
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 13:53:16 GMT

I moved all outstanding jackrabbit-jcr-tests issues from the JCR Jira
project to the new JCRTCK project [1]. I disabled email notifications
for this move to avoid flooding the list, but here's the list of all
the moved issues:

  [JCRTCK-2]  Export test cases fail with Java 5 on Mac OS X
  [JCRTCK-3] Test cases leak sessions
  [JCRTCK-4]  Bad test assumptions in versioning tests
  [JCRTCK-5]  PredefinedNodeTypeTest too strict
  [JCRTCK-6]  TCK: NodeTest#testNodeIdentity fails if versioning and ...
  [JCRTCK-7]  Bad test assumptions in observation tests
  [JCRTCK-8]  bad test assumptions in TextNodeTest with respect to ...
  [JCRTCK-9]  Jcr-Test: SerializationTest logs exception during tearDown.
  [JCRTCK-10] TCK: Attribute values may be normalized in document view exports
  [JCRTCK-11] bad test assumptions in SQLJoinTest
  [JCRTCK-12] TCK assumes that repository does not automatically add ...
  [JCRTCK-13] handling of namespace registrations in AbstractJCRTest
  [JCRTCK-14] TCK: testRestore assumes too much about OPV=VERSION	
  [JCRTCK-15] missing test case for creating a binary property of length 0

Please use these issues and the JCRTCK project for any TCK-related
work. However, until we release jackrabbit-jcr-tests 2.0.0 from
jackrabbit/commons/jcr-tests, please keep any code changes in
jackrabbit/trunk/jackrabbit-jcr-tests. I'll take care of merging the
changes before we drop the jackrabbit-jcr-tests component from the
main trunk.

[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCRTCK


Jukka Zitting

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