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From Arthur Taylor <arthur.tay...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Permissions caching, DefaultAccessManager
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 13:51:14 GMT
Thanks for the reply,

> permission changes are diffent thing... the compiled
> permissions are intended to be notified and recalculated
> whenever the permissions for any of the principals it
> has been created for is modified. if that doesn't work
> it's a bug.
Agreed. I think permissions changes for existing principals are working
> what the TODO refers to is:
> the permissions are compiled for the set of principals
> that have been set to the Subject (most probably upon
> login). the default implementation retrieves the set
> from the principal provider configured for that login
> module... that's the reason for my doubts... forcing
> the recalculation of the compiled permissions was
> more or less straight forward: close the existing one
> and create a new one with the new set of principals.
The issue we have is that Sling maintains a session pool - we'd need to
ditch the entire session pool every time a new group was created in
order to be sure everyone was working with the same set of permissions.
Having recently-logged-in users see a different world to everybody else
is causing a fair bit of confusion.

I can try raising the issue with Sling. It might be that the best
approach is to have the session pool listen for principal creation /
removal. I just wanted to be sure that there wasn't a less expensive
approach first.

Thanks again for the help,


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