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From Carsten Ziegeler <cziege...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Content Technology track at the ApacheCon US 2009
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 11:53:58 GMT
Hi Jukka,

yes, I'm interested in helping (I also planned this years Felix/OSGi track)


Jukka Zitting wrote:
> Hi,
> [Cross-posting to Sling, Chemistry, and Jackrabbit. Feel free to reply
> on only the list(s) you're most interested in. I'm following them all.
> :-)]
> The ApacheCon organizers have allocated two full days for the Content
> Technology track, and I'm now moving forward to fill up that schedule.
> Anyone interested in participating in the planning and organizing the
> JCR-related program at the ApacheCon? The Content Technology track is
> already getting pretty crowded so I probably can't promise more than a
> single normal session with speaker benefits (note that unlike before,
> speaker travel is not covered) per project, but we can also arrange
> space for unofficial sessions, workshops, meetups, etc. To do this, I
> need people who'd like to help in planning and organizing the event.
> Any volunteers?
> Since the speaker selection comes with benefits (conference pass, some
> hotel nights covered, etc.) and I'm one of the candidate speakers, I'd
> like to form a small committee of community members to select the
> JCR-related sessions to be included in this track. Anyone interested
> in helping out with this?
> See the suggestions below and
> http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/ContentTrackApacheConUs2009 for more
> information.
> BR,
> Jukka Zitting
> * People pay to see the scheduled content at ApacheCon. Provide
> material which will reach and attract our paying audience. If you have
> Geeks for Geeks content to present, please save that for the daytime
> un-con tracks, or evening MeetUps/BOFs. Consider that people attending
> the main tracks probably need to have a clear business case for
> registration costs - but your community are free to attend the free
> evening programming (and that's free as in beer!), so choose
> appropriately!
> * Work with your community. Some of the best presentations have been
> from presenters who don't belong to that project's PMC.
> * Be creative! You're not limited to the strict 50-minute-sessions
> model. You can organize the schedule in whatever way makes the most
> sense for your project's content. (Ensure that your attendees still
> get their coffee- and lunch-breaks and keynote sessions.)
> * The main track drives paid attendence, so you must submit
> well-written proposals. If the proposals are not clearly written, and
> answer "Who, What, and Why?", then what can be expected of the
> presentations? We've reviewed the proposals that were received in the
> main CFP, and they accompany this email. You can use these verbatim
> (appropriately edited for spelling/to fit the program!), or work with
> the submitters to refine them to work better within the track you're
> planning and/or solicit completely new proposals. Use whichever
> solution creates the most effective program.
> * During the day, we will run un-con tracks on Wednesday through
> Friday in smaller rooms (capacity ~50), also coordinated by PMCs. They
> do not need to be formalized until the morning of the track, but
> guidance for the prospective audience can be gathered on the un-con
> tracks' wiki pages. Registration will be required to attend these
> parallel tracks, but they're a great place to schedule the
> ?Geeks4Geeks content that's really interesting for a narrower
> audience.
> During the day, on Monday and Tuesday, we will run a free BarCamp
> alongside the traditional Hackathon. The space set aside for the
> BarCamp and Hackathon is truly massive, and should have a very open
> feel without excessive background noise. By colocating these events,
> we can enable attendees to jump between hacking together and attending
> BarCamp sessions.
> Free evening activities include MeetUps and BOFs. These will be
> organized by the PMCs, and can be scheduled for any night from Sunday
> through Thursday. Wednesday night is set aside for the free BIG
> FEATHER BIRTHDAY BASH! and Welcome Reception. We expect to attract
> many commuting attendees from the Bay Area, both for the main program
> (paid registration required) and for all of these free events and
> opportunities.
> Of course the economic realities do not permit the Conference Producer
> to cover the costs of everyone who has information to present to such
> a diverse audience of this many topics. For this conference, for each
> hour of main track material, the Producer will be covering one (1)
> hotel night plus one (1) conference pass, and will provide an
> additional (1) night for overseas travelers. However, the conference
> will not be paying airfare for speakers from the US and Canada, and
> will work on a limited case-by-case basis with those from overseas.
> And with so many friends in the Bay Area, those who are not covered
> can consider staying with fellow ASF members who are willing to host.
> If you're not sure how this will work for you, or what it means when
> you start getting creative with the program, please check with your
> planning-mentor.

Carsten Ziegeler

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