I am using jackrabbit repository api for content management. I am facing problem while using this repository in to production environment. Regularly i am getting about 30-50 exceptions related to multi-threading. The most of the exceptions are like:

Item can't be saved because it has been modified externally.
...property has been modified externally.
item not found in transient state.
failed to restore transient state.

And some time in rare cases: ConcurrentModificationException
Form caching HashMap of transient states.

I know about the limitation of repository session can't we used in multi-threaded environment. But i need your help to get rid of these exceptions, so that two parallel processes can add nodes in a parent node.
As i have found in the issue JCR-584 and JCR-1359 which are fixed and according to this
two processes can add or modify nodes in a parent node if there is no same name sibiling problem.

But my nodes are not have same name sibiling problem and still we unable to add two nodes in a parent node.

If any one has an idea that how i can use this repository in multi-threaded environment, please let me know.

I have not subscribed in this mailing list so that please reply me on "rajesh.k.upadhyay@gmail.com".

Thanks in advance.